Need a Real Estate Referral? 

Moving or relocating? I Find and personally match you with top REALTORS®. I don't use Algorithms.

Computers may know how you like to buy, but they do not know how you like to feel!

I am an author, motivator, mentor and Inspirational Realtor® who love's moving people with heart. I am an advocate for buyers and sellers locally, nationwide, and Canada. I personally screen and help you choose the best Realtor® (from my vast network) for your specific wants and needs. It's personalized! I provide tools and strategies throughout the transaction and transition. This is a "No Cost" service for buyers and sellers! 

Sharing my 25 years of real estate experience and creating positive outcomes in Real Estate, is what I love to do…

So don't become a statistic, there is a 70% chance you will choose the wrong Realtor® and have a negative experience when buying or selling a home! This is the biggest transaction in your life...let's do it right!



At “RahRah” Real Estate, we have never lost sight that the word “serve” is at the root of service. When you choose to work with us, know that we set the bar high. For real estate referrals nationwide we match buyers and sellers ONLY to realtors that meet exceptional guidelines. To experience our exclusive  "No Cost"  services, please fill out the form below that applies and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.


Across the world or across the street, I am your Real Estate agent Matchmaker!

“RahRah” Real Estate will personally match your wants and needs to the Top 3% real estate agents across the world. I am a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) and have access to an exclusive global 30K+ database, which includes my own personally interviewed agents around the world. Whether you are a buyer or seller, simply fill out the form below and let “RahRah” Real Estate do the work for you. My “matchmaking” services are at NO COST TO YOU!



We interview top agents in your area that match YOUR needs, whether you are buying or selling and provide:

  • Referral minimum of two agents for you to interview
  • Clear communications with you throughout
  • What to look for in a listing agent or a buying agent
  • Tips & tricks to stage and showcase your home for the best results
  • Market-driven pricing and negotiation strategies
  • We personalize the search, an algorithm may know what you like to buy, but it doesn’t know your personality, or your emotions through this transition.
  • We personalize everything to YOUR wants and needs.
  • All at NO COST to you!