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When You Give You Receive

When Helping Gives Back

It is an odd but true dichotomy in life that when you give and help others you also receive in return. While many times the gifts you get in return might not be tangible, they are none the less beneficial. Author Gordon B. Hinckley wrote: “…He or she who serves almost always benefits more than he or she who is served.” So, what happens when we serve others and give to those around us?

  • The Helpers High: Giving back can affect the reward center of the brain. As giving stimulates this section of the brain, powerful endorphins are released giving the giver a wonderfully happy feeling.


  • Turns that Frown Up-Side-Down: Serving others has the wonderful effect of getting us outside ourselves. Having a difficult day? Feeling “off” or down? Look for someone to help! Helping and the natural high it gives will get you in a better mood.


  • Peace: Not only will helping others make you feel better, it will also give you a sense of peace. The world can be an ugly place at times, putting a little good in the world will help you feel like you can handle anything and give you a sense of calm in your life as well.


  • Attitude of Gratitude: When we serve others and get outside ourselves, we can see more clearly other people and their problems. The more time you spend trying to help others with their problems the more your problems will seem smaller. The smaller your problems seem, the more grateful you will become in your own life.


  • Friends Forever: Serving others also opens the door to new friendships and strengthens the ones you already have. Helping means more caring for those around you. As your empathy grows toward others, so to do your friendships.

Helping others is a virtue we should all strive to develop in our lives. Few individuals are lucky enough to be able to combine helping with their day job. This is why I created my service; to be an advocate for real estate, to match people with great agents free or charge. I saw a need, I saw people who needed help and I answered the call.

Take the time to help someone today; you may end up creating a habit that will enrich the rest of your life!

Now...go out and make someone smile!

Patricia !!!!! "RahRah"


Contact Patricia, when you are thinking about moving. She is an Advocate for buyers and sellers nationwide, and will screen and help you choose the best realtor (from her vast realtor network nationwide) for your specific wants and needs, she will provide tools and strategies throughout the entire transaction and transition... This is at "No Cost" for buyers and sellers! Don't be a statistic, there is a 70% chance you could choose the wrong realtor and have a negative experience!

Patricia Love’s RahRahRealEstate.Love …is a NO COST Real Estate Service for buyers and sellers nationwide.  Excellent service, communication, and support has always been a top priority in Patricia’s 25 years of real estate experience. These principles are so important to her, that Patricia expanded her service and expertise to elevate the real estate industry nationwide. Patricia has high standards and only matches buyers and sellers to realtors that meet her exceptional guidelines. For more details, contact Patricia at Patricia@RahRahRealEstate.Love 

 Patricia believes in positive experiences and loves her work where everyday she is #MovingPeopleWithHeart

RahRahRealEstate.Love...Moving People With Heart

 Patricia Love
Managing Broker/Washington State
Certified Residential Specialist
Neuro Linguistics Practitioner

 Seattle Magazine “Five Star” Real Estate Agent 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014

Patricia also blogs on her Real Estate travels Nationwide, discussing great places to visit or live! So subscribe to her mailing list to keep you updated on home, inspiration, life and travels. Where every day we "Move People With Heart"

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