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The Secret of Letting Go and Leaving the Past Behind


I been thinking about how my life and business has changed lately, and most of it stems from forgiveness, but I had to go through a lot of emotions to get here. I wrote this article sometime ago, but thought it could help someone else.

Has anyone ever told you to get over something and let it go? It’s very frustrating. Did anyone ask them to stick their nose in your business? You are annoyed by people telling you to let go of things that are emotionally intense and deeply personal to you. They don’t even know how you feel, and they aren’t helping by telling you “to let go”. Maybe you actually have realized that you are holding on to the past and asked yourself – am I going to carry this heavy weight of the past on my shoulders forever? 

“Leave the past behind” is a phrase that sounds good and feels right, but there is no key, no direction in it that shows how you can actually do it. I found that key when I was desperately looking for changes in my life.

I was at the bottom of the barrel in my life. Abusive relationships, violence and financial losses – I had a lot in my luggage when I started to work on changes. I forgot about my traumatic past experiences and negative memories for some bright moments in life, but no matter how much I tried to keep them out of my head, they kept coming back with pain, anger and sadness. In the past I was hurt to the depths of my heart and these experiences had tied me to the idea of my life as a disaster. It was stealing my confidence, driving me into fears and doubts. It made me unable to open up for loving myself and others and kept me blind to new doors that opened in my life. I wanted to forget my past, ignore it and pretend that it hasn’t happened to me, but then I realized – I will never forget those things because they are a part of me. I wanted to get out of the emotional prison of past, I had to let it go, but I didn’t know how…

The missing piece of the puzzle was forgiveness. We can’t just forget traumatic experiences – they are a part of us, but those memories don’t have to live in our conscious awareness every minute of our lives. The pain of the past goes away when we forgive.

To heal and clean your mind and soul, firstly, you have to bring into your awareness everything that has happened into your past and still hurts you. It’s not easy, but you can’t consciously forgive and let it go if you haven’t consciously acknowledged what hurts you.

Make a list of all the people or things, issues, actions or anything else from your past you have not forgiven and forgive each and every thing on your list - one by one. Bring into your mind a specific situation or person, acknowledge that painful memory and simply say: “I forgive you.” Find the feeling of forgiveness into yourself and forgive yourself as well. Repeat it again and again, and one day you will realize that it doesn’t hurt anymore.  If you have forgiven, you can let it behind and move on. It isn’t fast and easy, but it’s probably the greatest relief you can give yourself.

We are all humans and sometimes we simply do not know how much we hurt others. We also make mistakes and sometimes hurt ourselves, but it doesn’t mean we have to hold on to the pain for the rest of our lives. Through forgiveness we can truly leave the past behind.

Set yourself free on the way to happiness! Start today!

Now...go out and make someone smile!

Patricia !!!!! "RahRah"


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