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Relocating With Kids

When Relocating with Kids, we definitely need to choose to be positive! Whether you’ve found your dream home or your facing a move for work, relocating can be a monumental task. You are essentially picking up your entire life, possessions and all, and physically moving them to a new location. And while this move may be a positive one full of new adventures and new places to see, it can be hard for children to see the advantages of moving, even if it’s a good move for the entire family. When preparing for a move, whether across town, across the...

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Time To Relocate

Moving is challenging, but you can do this!! Moving from one home, city or state to a new one can become a taxing time for even the most prepared individual. There are so many things to consider when it comes time to relocate. Where will you live? How far do you want to commute from your new place? Will the schools be the best for your children? How close will you be to restaurants and entertainment? While you may not have all the smaller details hammered out yet, if you are looking to relocate there are a few things to...

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Pep Rally Friday March 17, 2017 Be Present, Keep Moving and Grooving.

Welcome to Pep Rally Friday! March 17, 2017 Happy St. Paddy's Day... I am your "RahRah" Real Estate Agent, Cheerleader of Life, and Real Estate Matchmaker...I "Move people with heart" Remember...You Got This! Patricia !!!!!   Patricia Love is a inspirational speaker and a top Realtor in Bellevue/Seattle Washington, a real estate agent MATCHMAKER for buyers and sellers moving across the street or around the world. She believes in positive experiences and loves her work where everyday she is #MovingPeopleWithHeart Contact her for all your moving and inspirational needs! Sign up for her newsletter...:) "RahRah" Real Estate ...Moving People With Heart   Patricia...

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Are you moving and have a pet?

"When you go through life...strive for progress, not perfection!" Do you have a pet? Taking on the responsibility of having a pet isn’t simply something you do on the weekends.  Having a pet is having a new member of your family, only this one, many times, has fur and paws.  Cute names like “fur baby” have even been adopted into common English to reflect how we as humans feel about our furry and feathered friends.  Special care needs to be taken when planning a move with your pets.  If you’re facing a move and you are at a loss for...

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