Spring into Decluttering

Spring into Decluttering

Hi Everyone!

The days are growing longer and the sun is shining brighter! It’s spring time with all the beauty and freshness that comes with this time of year.  The end of winter signals a type of re-birth into a brighter, newer world.  Whether moving, organizing, or just wanting to simplify, this is the perfect time to focus on decluttering not just your home but your life as well.

When we think of decluttering we think of donating or throwing things out, which is true, but decluttering can be so much more than shedding material items.  While you go through your possessions to see what goes and what stays, use some time to go through your life to declutter it as well.

Start with your clothes.  Be fierce as you decide what to keep and what to donate.  As you see your donation pile grow, take a moment to focus on worries or obstacles you’ve been facing lately.  Go through each obstacle mentally and decide if it’s something that can be fixed or something that is out of your control.  If it can be fixed save it for later planning, if it’s something out of your control, like your donation pile, you’ll have to work on erasing your worry and throwing it out.  Sometimes this is easier said than done. Regardless, it’s a good practice to help you prioritize and work on what can be changed.

When you move from your clothing to your other items (like that garage that’s been housing stuff you don’t use anymore) focus on all the activities you participate in each day.  While you toss out the junk and collect more items to be donated go through your schedule and see what is necessary and what is stealing your time.  As you rid yourself of items, consider opting out of some of your unnecessary tasks and making more time for what is important to you.  Shedding these items from your agenda will free up your time and your mind, allowing you to concentrate on what is most important and give you a feeling of satisfaction with your life.  When you have more time for what matters you will find you will have more joy.

For many people spring cleaning is a dreaded task that just seems like another chore.  However, if you use this time of cleaning out as a type of life checkup, you will find your life will become less cluttered like your house!

Remember...You Got This!

Patricia !!!!!

Now go out and make someone smile!


Patricia Love is a inspirational speaker and a top Realtor in Bellevue/Seattle

Washington, she also is the Real Estate Agent MATCHMAKER for buyers and sellers moving across the street or around the world. She believes in positive experiences and loves her work where everyday she is #MovingPeopleWithHeart

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Patricia Love
Managing Broker
Certified Residential Specialist
Certified Life Coach
Neuro Linguistics Practitioner

Seattle Magazine “Five Star” Real Estate Agent
2016, 2015, 2014

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