Relocating With Kids

When Relocating with Kids, we definitely need to choose to be positive!

Whether you’ve found your dream home or your facing a move for work, relocating can be a monumental task. You are essentially picking up your entire life, possessions and all, and physically moving them to a new location. And while this move may be a positive one full of new adventures and new places to see, it can be hard for children to see the advantages of moving, even if it’s a good move for the entire family. When preparing for a move, whether across town, across the street or across the country, keep your kids’ needs in mind as you get ready to move.

Get the paperwork ready. Life is going to be chaotic no matter how organized your move is, so make sure you have all the paperwork for your kids to get started at school with as little interruption as possible. This will help establish normalcy for them.

Learn as much as you can! Get you children involved in researching local spots of interest like movie theaters, shopping centers and entertainment venues. This will give you and your children something to look forward to.

Let them choose. Let you child choose how they will decorate their room. Even if your children have to share a room, set aside a place for each child to decorate in their own style. This could be with posters, pictures, wall decals or even letting them choose the paint color. Your son or daughter will feel a sense of ownership and stability when they can claim an area as their own space—a place they can relax.

Be Patient and Listen. Every relocation comes with a little grief. For kids this grief can be immense and far reaching. Children, especially younger ones, many times lack the emotional maturity or communication skills to express their sadness at this change. Take time to let them feel sad, or miss their old home and friends. Listen to them and help them find productive ways to cope with this major change. It will take time and patience on your part but a little understanding and encouragement will help your child or children feel better about their move in time.

Moving takes a lot out of a family, but with time, effort and patience your relocation can be a positive change for everyone.


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