15 Unwelcome Mats That Will Stop Visitors in Their Tracks

We could all use an extra smile these days...Enjoy!!

We've all experienced those Greta Garbo moments when we just "want to be alone." But it's often difficult to express that sentiment without coming off as rude or unfriendly. Well, what if your welcome mat could do the talking for you? The following are 15 less-than-inviting welcome mats that get your message across loud and clear. So the next time you're craving a little alone time, put out one of these and watch would-be visitors do a double-take.

1. When there's only one person you really want to see

It's true, no one gets as warm a welcome as the fellow carrying a large pie.

2. It's probably safer to try back another time

Hey, at least you know exactly where you stand with these folks.

3. Starting off on the wrong foot...

This is a bit of a conversation-stopper.

4. For the unpopular guest...

This is ideal for that pal who always comes empty-handed and overstays his welcome.

Either this is #pms or I've developed a sudden allergy to other humans #unwelcomemat

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5. Appreciate the honesty

You can't get much more blunt than this.

8:12am • Ya heard me!... #notwelcome #unwelcomemat #homesense #homedécor

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6. Make a run for the border

If you're not near a Taco Bell, better try again later.

7. Hostile greeting

This will make you reconsider ringing that bell, won't it?

8. When only a select few will do

There's something to be said for knowing who brings out the best in you.

9. For the introvert

A little contact goes a long way.

#ineedthat #doormat #unwelcomemat #idontlikehumancontact #ig #thatsenoughofthat

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10. Perfect for solicitors

If you're inundated with people trying to sell you things you don't want or need, this should do the trick!

My new door mat. #Guns #SleepingLate #DoorMat #UnwelcomeMat

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11. Unfriendly feline

This little kitty needs to mind her manners.

Need this is my life. #wheredoigetthis #goaway

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12. Don't let the friendly font fool you

Just because the front door is colorful, that doesn't mean you're invited to walk through it.

13. Now that's unwarranted

Ah, this one might offer the perfect passive-aggressive welcome to your relatives this Thanksgiving.

Mon•day /'mendā,mendē/ #UnwelcomeMat #ThankYouDontComeAgain✌🏽😴

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14. Small but surly

Who needs a bouncer when you've got this unpleasant pug working the door?

#pugoff #puglove #puglife #pugsofinstagram #blackpug #pug #typo #dita #unwelcomemat

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15. Simple but not understated

It doesn't get much more straightforward than this!

Oh, iight #unwelcomemat

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 I hope that put a smile on your face!


Now...go out and make someone smile.

Patricia !!!!! "RahRah"


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