Why did I launch Healing Hoodies? My Story...

When I was young, I internally felt invisible, that no one cared, and I didn’t matter…I was always hiding within... Smiling on the outside, but crying on the inside… I was the youngest of 3 with several years between my siblings and myself, so I basically grew up as an only child. There was no one cheering me on, letting me know I was somebody, or encouraging me to be anything, I was a lost child. My father was always gone, and my mother was an alcoholic, so anytime she could get rid of me, to drink, she would. I never brought many friend’s home, never knowing how my mother would be. It wasn’t until I picked up a motivational book I found lying on the table, in the library, at the age of 14… did I realize, I just might be good enough. I started gravitating to motivational and inspirational books, and read as many as I could, it is all I had to hold on too. I made the decision to motivate, rather than medicate myself, it is what got me through my teenage years, and all the ups and downs of life growing up, but I had to do it all on my own, no one was there to hold my hand, or push me forward, maybe you know that feeling.

My mission today is to motivate and inspire our youth, so they feel like they matter, that they are needed, and that they have purpose in this world, that they don’t have to do it alone, like I did.

My healing hoodies are a start…because when you wrap yourself up in motivation and positivity, it feels good, and when you feel good, you look good and you do good.

Our youth, are our future, and by motivating, inspiring, and encouraging each and every one of them,  they will realize, they have purpose, and they can live in joy.

So join me in my goal of giving out 1,000,000 healing hoodies to homeless and lost youth, so they can wrap themselves up in positivity and begin to share their purpose of good to so many that need it.

Healing Hoodies

Patricia Love

Patricia !!!!! "RahRah"


I have been a 5 star Realtor® in the Bellevue/Seattle Area of Washington State, and mentor of Real Estate for 27 years nationally. My goal is to provide the best service, so you will happily refer me to your friends, family and co-workers. So if you are in need of a Top Realtor® or need a mentor/coach, to inspire, motivate, and bring more positivity into your life...Let's talk! Also Please check out my Healing Hoodies to help homeless youth to stay positive!

Contact me at patricia@patricialove.com

 I am a motivator, mentor and a Inspirational Realtor® based in Seattle, Washington who love's "moving people with heart". 

In addition to being a Realtor and mentor in Seattle, Wa. I am an advocate for buyers and sellers nationwide, and will personally screen and help you choose the best Realtor® if you are relocating around the US or Canada, (from my vast network nationwide) for your specific wants and needs. It's personalized! So contact me at Patricia@patricialove.com

What I do... is Real Estate, but who I am... is living life in a positive way, giving value in what I do...and always "Moving People With Heart!"

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