Is Service DEAD?

Is Service Dead?

Not to me!

When I got into the Real Estate business 25 years ago, service was always my number one priority, and when I expanded my business nationwide this year...It is still number one in my business, and in life.

Service does seem to have taken a back seat though, in businesses today. Companies are more concerned about their bottom line, then the people that put them on top. I find this so sad, when if they would just put people first, the money would come,10 fold, but with heart. I also find that in a lot of small businesses, it is "if I do that for you, what are you going to do for me, mentality" What ever happen to giving before you receive? Giving value to people. Making them feel good! It's not hard, and all it may cost is some extra time. 

In my business, the biggest complaint (70%) is about Real Estate brokers, and the lack of communication, and, clients feeling like they don't matter. Watching all this evolve over the past several years, has made me want to try even harder to show people, that there is still service out there, and it begins with one.

This is one of the reasons I expanded my business, and created this service, so I could be an advocate for buyers and sellers nationwide, to help them through the transaction and the stressful transition of moving, and I wanted it to be COMPLIMENTARY...yes... FREE to buyers and sellers. Why do I do this, because service should not be dead. People deserve value, and we need to get back to that! And it all starts with us...which means it starts with me!

My biggest hurdle in my business, is buyers and sellers believing that this is a FREE service, That there is a catch of some kind. No there is not. Once I have screened top agents for buyers and sellers, and we choose one to work with, then I provide tools and strategies and support through out the transaction, and I make sure the agent we have chosen stays on point with the buyer and seller...We become a team. Is this unique? Yes it is...but, I am finding that people are loving it, that word of mouth is always still the best referral...because I want to spread the word that SERVICE IS NOT DEAD!

So, I am so happy that one of my clients did this testimonial for me. Showing others that some businesses, do want to make a difference.

Thank you Michelle. 



Thank you for watching, and if you or someone you know is thinking about buying or selling a home, tell them about this FREE service.

Now go out and make someone smile!

Patricia !!!!! "RahRah"


Contact Patricia, when you are thinking about moving. She is an Advocate for buyers and sellers nationwide, and will screen the best realtor for your specific wants and needs, in your chosen city. In Addition, providing you with strategies, tools and support during the entire transaction and transition... This is all Complimentary for buyers and sellers!

Patricia also blogs on her Real Estate travels Nationwide, discussing great places to visit or live! So subscribe to her mailing list to keep you updated on home, inspiration, life and travels. Where every day we "Move People With Heart."

Patricia Love’s RahRahRealEstate.Love …is a Complimentary Real Estate Service for buyers and sellers nationwide.  Excellent service, communication, and support has always been a top priority in Patricia’s 25 years of real estate experience. These principles are so important to her, that Patricia expanded her service and expertise to elevate the real estate industry nationwide. Patricia has high standards and only matches buyers and sellers to realtors that meet her exceptional guidelines. For more details, contact Patricia at Patricia@RahRahRealEstate.Love 

 Patricia believes in positive experiences and loves her work where everyday she is #MovingPeopleWithHeart

RAhRahRealEstate.Love...Moving People With Heart

 Patricia Love
Managing Broker/Washington State
Certified Residential Specialist
Neuro Linguistics Practitioner

 Seattle Magazine “Five Star” Real Estate Agent 2016, 2015, 2014

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