Do you need a mentor when you start a business?

For The Greatest Success:

Going into business for yourself is a scary journey, but a journey that can become a lucrative career choice. Nowhere is this more evident than in becoming a real estate agent. You go out and get the education and credentials and then the real work begins. When people need to find a real estate agent you want them to find you. But how do you move from real estate agent to lucrative real estate agent? Or from having a business to a lucrative business…The simple answer? Get a mentor.

I can’t emphasize this enough;

You need a mentor if you are starting a business or a real estate mentor if you want to achieve the success you envision for yourself as a top Real Estate professional.

The following are ways a mentor can help you have the greatest success.

Real world experience beats classroom lessons hands down!

While you may have had the best training, and aced all your tests, nothing beats real world knowledge. A great mentor will fill in all the gaps your classes and tests didn’t prepare you for. Consider your mentor a guide through a tricky wilderness, leading you toward that treasure called success.

You need a cheerleader

That’s right! Your mentor will also be your personal cheerleader. Any business and Real estate is a difficult business, and heavily influenced by market uncertainty. You aren’t always going to have the best days and when you’re starting out, it’s important to have a professional who’s been down that path to cheer you on. In my own experience, I’ve worked with business owners to get them through those rough patches, to not give up. The results were owners who could weather rough patches and succeed.

You can’t attract business on your own

Actually…you can, but it’s going to take you forever. With a mentor, you will know the tips and techniques to market yourself and attract the clients. I’ve had the opportunity to mentor some great agent business owners who were barely scraping by and help them triple their income. A little guidance and hard work was all that was needed.

Bottom line:

You, as an agent, or if you are just starting out in a new business, you need a mentor. Not only will a mentor guide and educate you, they will help you reach the success you’ve been working toward; the greatest success.

Positivity and hard work creates a successful Business.

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I have been a 5 star Realtor® in the Bellevue/Seattle Area of Washington State, and mentor of Real Estate for 27 years nationally. My goal is to provide the best service, so you will happily refer me to your friends, family and co-workers. So if you are in need of a Top Realtor® or need a mentor/coach, to inspire, motivate, and bring more positivity into your life...Let's talk! Also Please check out my Healing Hoodies to help homeless youth to stay positive!

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What I do... is Real Estate, but who I am... is living life in a positive way, giving value in what I do...and always "Moving People With Heart!"

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