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Spring is in full swing and with the budding flowers and trees comes the promise of something new! For many, this means moving from their current Seattle real estate to a new home.  To make a successful move and get the most out of your home sale a little time, effort and home upgrades are needed to attract the right buyers and get the best offer.  This may seem impossible when you look at your budget (how many of us have a budget for a full renovation?) but with a little strategy and work you can make your home look like a million bucks without breaking the bank. You can even do this if your not moving, it might just make you feel good!! and that's OK too! So read on!

Make it look bigger!

If space is limited in your current home, consider rearranging or eliminating some of your furniture to allow for maximum room.  If you have an overly large couch consider swapping it for a smaller, more elegantly appointed couch to add luxury and the feeling of space. 

If you are planning to paint, choose a softer, bright color like lighter shades of blue and grey.  These colors reflect light and add an airiness to your room that will make it feel larger. 

Don’t forget to limit the number of decorative pieces you have laying out or pictures on your wall.  Better yet, swap a few pictures for a large mirror to add the feeling of space.

Pay attention to the details

Little touches to your house can turn your ho-hum home into a “wow” residence.  Things like area rugs, simple hardware upgrades on cabinets and drawers and a change of curtains can add charm without breaking the budget.

If you really want to create a “wow” factor, consider painting an accent wall.  Paint one wall in your living room a bold or bright color to contrast with the décor and other wall colors.  You can even go so far as adding design and texture to your accent wall but tread with caution; what you think looks fabulous may drive buyers away.

Don’t forget the outside!

First impressions can make or break a deal.  Make sure your lawn is healthy and get rid of any overgrown or dead plants.  For added eye candy, add some paving stones or potted flowers to give your house a touch of class and color.

Selling your home can be a hassle, but with the right attitude you can prepare your home for sale with a little effort and even less money.

...and if you are not moving, then just feel good in your upgraded home, done on a dime:)

Remember...You Got This!

Patricia !!!!!


Patricia Love is a real estate agent MATCHMAKER for buyers and sellers moving across the street or around the world, This FREE service not only finds you the best agent in YOUR area for your particular wants and needs, she also provides priceless Real Estate support and resources for you to use. If you are moving, contact her first, she will take the stress out of a difficult transition! Patricia@RahRahRealEstate.Love

Patricia believes in positive experiences and loves her work where everyday she is #MovingPeopleWithHeart

She is also a licensed realtor in the state of Washington.

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Patricia Love
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Certified Life Coach
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Seattle Magazine “Five Star” Real Estate Agent
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