Are you willing to change your mindset? 7 Tips that work!

Everyone asks me, Patricia “how do I change my mindset” I just don’t get it. First off, YOU HAVE TO WANT TOO! I can tell you all kinds of tips and tricks to change your mindset, so you will become happier and life will be better, but unless you are willing to change and choose to do the work, lets face it, you won’t change! I can’t change you…You must change yourself. I harp on this all the time, but you have to be willing to do the work. You say you want to lose weight, but if you keep eating chocolate everyday (this is what I did), it will never happen, you have to decide that “I DON’T WANT TO LIVE LIKE THIS ANYMORE”. Well you don’t have to. Just decide to change and follow these tips below, work on them daily and your life WILL begin to change…guaranteed.

1. Be aware of your thoughts. Start looking around you and seeing the world, stop and feel how you are feeling. Get in tune with YOU. And you do this by stopping a few times during the day and asking yourself…how am I feeling? What is in front of me? Look around you, look at the world around you, the people the grass, the critters..become aware.

2. Excercise. I didn’t say run a marathon. Go take a longer walk, get into nature, get on the treadmill for 10 minutes..anything, just MOVE (I have a great eBook on that, feel free to email me and I will send it to you for free) Do something everyday. It is a known fact that when you move and exercise that your endorphin’s kick in, and you begin to feel better mentally and physically.

3. Begin using positive words in your everyday life. Pick a positive word a day, and use it during the day…do this to start with for a week. Be aware of what you are doing, and by the end of the week you will start feeling more positive.

4. Smile. When you smile at people or at yourself in the mirror, it is very hard to be sad. Do this everyday, make it a habit!

5. Be kind and considerate of others. Is there someone you can help across the street or that looks like they have a question. Be aware and ask if you can be of assistance. When we help others, we feel good about ourselves.You feel purpose.

6. Realize this world is Bigger than you are. What I mean is appreciate what you have, not what you don’t have. YOU have much more than someone else..Be grateful, and practice gratefulness everyday. Look in the mirror and tell yourself every morning, what you are thankful for. This will humble you, and you will start to realize that you are not the "center of the universe" but part of the universe. Your ego will stop talking, and the new YOU will begin to emerge.

7. Have Fun. Start enjoying life, laugh, wake up with a smile on your face. Watch funny videos, (my cats crack me up daily). Look for the Fun, there is a lot of it out there.
So there you go, 7 simple tips to change your mindset. But again the CHOICE is yours and only you can change your Mindset. The only thing I can tell you from my experience, is when you begin to do the work (it is fun work), you will start seeing changes in yourself that you begin to really like. You will learn to put more fun and play into your daily life, and you will start changing lives just by your positive actions.

So go for it, and be the change!

Patricia Love is an Best Selling Author, Motivational “Fun” Speaker,Life Coach and a "Victor of Life"

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