7 Timeless Design Trends That Will Never Go Out Of Style

 Do you ever wonder what you should do, when updating your home, that will be timeless?

Trends, by definition, come and go. And in the interior design world, it seems there's always a new color, new fabric, or new style that explodes in interior design magazines and design blogs only to quickly and unceremoniously disappear a few months later. And while there's nothing wrong with embracing a fun trend, it can get exhausting (and expensive!) trying to incorporate every design trend you see on Pinterest into your home. But there are a few design trends that will always be in fashion. Here are 7 timeless design trends to try in your home that will never go out of style:

1. Kitchen: White cabinetry

No matter what your design style, white cabinetry is a kitchen staple that will never lose its luster. If you're going for a more country feel, stick with a traditional white wooden cabinetry. You can add a touch of charm by installing custom knobs that fit with the theme of your kitchen. If you're after a more sleek, modern look, try glass-front cabinetry with a white base or white shelves for an open-shelving concept.

2. Bedroom: Soothing neutrals

Your bedroom should be your personal escape within your home, and that's why soothing neutrals, which create a zen-like feel in your private quarters, will always be a go-to in bedroom design. Fabrics, paint, and furniture in muted tones of white, beige, and gray create the soothing, ethereal feel that's the goal of this trend. If you feel like all neutrals is too boring, add small pops of color in your decor. Accent pillows and fresh flowers in vibrant hues will really stand out against a mostly neutral backdrop and give your bedroom a little more "oomph" while still maintaining the relaxed, blissed out vibe that's the trademark of the neutral bedroom palette.

3. Bathroom: Soaking tubs

Soaking tubs have stood the test of time as an elegant design staple in the bathroom (not to mention an amazing place to unwind after a long day). If you're lucky enough to have a home with an original soaking tub, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy a luxurious soak. If not, you can find a variety of soaking tub options, both traditional and contemporary, at online retailers like Signature Hardware.

4. Living room: Built-ins

Built-ins are a classy and classic storage option that add visual interest to a living room and give you the opportunity to display photos, decor, and other personal items in a well-designed and aesthetically pleasing way. Now, most built-ins are exactly as they sound: they're built into the actual walls of your home. But if your living space isn't equipped with built-ins, you can still get the look and feel with this affordable DIY option that uses IKEA bookshelves to recreate the built-in effect in any living space.

5. Dining room: A dramatic lighting fixture

Dramatic lighting fixtures are a timeless way to insert some style into an otherwise straightforward dining space. And with so many lighting fixtures available, you can create a unique look that sets the tone for the rest of the room. Want to create a rustic feel? Look for an industrial lighting fixture with wooden details. Going for a more modern vibe? A crystal chandelier is a fun - and bold - choice. And the best part about lighting fixtures? There's easy to switch up. So if you decide to change the decor in the room, you can easily change out the lighting fixture to remain consistent with your new design theme.

6. Any room: Accent walls

Whether you're design a living room or dining room, bedroom or kitchen, bathroom or playroom, there's one design trick that will always add to the room and never go out of style: accent walls. Accent walls serve so many purposes: they can add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral room, make a room appear larger, add visual interest, and pull the design of the rest of the room together. You can go bold (like a deep jewel tone), classic (like navy blue), or subtle (like light gray), but no matter what color you choose, your accent wall is a quick, easy, and affordable way to spruce up any room in your home.

7. Exterior: A plant-lined entryway and bold door

The first thing people notice about your home is it's curb appeal. And putting a little extra effort into the exterior of your property is a design trend that will always pay off in the overall aesthetic of your home. Line the walkway to your entryway with potted plants and flowers. Paint your door a rich hue that complements the exterior of your home. These minor updates will work wonders and will show people you know timeless design before they even step foot inside. By incorporating these six timeless trends into the design of your home, you'll create a look that stands the test of time and never goes out of style.





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