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Wrapping yourself up in a "Healing Hoodie" inspires positivity and hope, for new beginnings! For every 3 bought 1 gets donated to a homeless teenager Learn more about Patricia's Healing Hoodies Mission


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At “RahRah” Real Estate, we have never lost sight that the word “serve” is at the root of service. When you choose to work with us, know that we set the bar high. For real estate referrals we match buyers and sellers ONLY to realtors that meet exceptional guidelines. To experience our packaged complimentary concierge services, please fill out the appropriate form below and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

Across the world or across the street, I am your Real Estate agent Matchmaker!

“RahRah” Real Estate will personally match your wants and needs to the Top 3% real estate agents across the world. I am a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) and have access to an exclusive global 30K+ database, which includes my own personally interviewed agents around the world. Whether you are a buyer or seller, simply fill out the form below and let “RahRah” Real Estate do the work for you. My “matchmaking” services are at NO COST TO YOU!



We interview top agents in your area that match YOUR needs, whether you are buying or selling and provide:

  • Referral minimum of two agents for you to interview
  • Clear communications with you throughout
  • What to look for in a listing agent or a buying agent
  • Tips & tricks to stage and showcase your home for the best results
  • Market-driven pricing and negotiation strategies
  • We personalize the search, an algorithm may know what you like to buy, but it doesn’t know your personality, or your emotions through this transition
  • We personalize everything to YOUR wants and needs
  • All at NO COST to you!

Joy to the Holiday Seller Happy Holidays everyone! It is here once again!   It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  The weather has turned colder, holiday songs and spirit fill the air and everyone just seems a little happier.  As we all prepare for the holidays, there is so much to look forward to, even if you are trying to sell your home.  It may seem counter intuitive to try and sell a house during the busiest time of the year but many companies start hiring during the last and first quarter of the year in order to fill position needs and many... Continue

Change, Why is it so hard? Change is hard, because we get too comfortable, but change is necessary, if you want to find real happiness in your life. Trust me, I’ve been there, but it is worth it, to be just a bit uncomfortable. We live our lives in our own particular way and we have our routines that move us through our day. But do you ever find yourself pointing at sections of your life or yourself and saying, “I wish this were better!” Seeing the imperfect in ourselves is normal, after all, none of us are perfect. But there are parts of us that... Continue

Why you should get a mentor! If you want to be successful in Real Estate-Get a Mentor! All successful people in all walks of life and careers have become successful, because of a coach or a mentor of some sort. Mentors and coaches are inspiring! They help you get unstuck, they should encourage you and not be judgmental. A true Coach and or Mentor will have your best interest in mind, as they love to help others succeed…So be picky when you choose them. Pick the best! Then you will become the best…A good mentor is something you can’t put a price on, because you should... Continue

speaking Patricia is an International Edu-Tainment Speaker. She loves to motivate and teach realtors and small business entrepreneurs how to sell by referral. She does this through her stories and a bit of humor. She will motivate you to turn any obstacle or failure into your friend!

Patricia is The Consummate Cheerleader, and will motivate you to get your “RahRah” on daily!

Contact Patricia via email at Patricia@RahRahRealEstate.Love

Life is full of ups and downs, obstacles, failures and opportunity, we all have our own story, and all of our stories matter. Happiness is about finding your happy place within.

As a Realtor® mentor, and coach, I have had my own share of ups and downs, and these 5 diamonds are a result of those. They are my 5 steps to becoming happy, and they are my Gift to you. Give them a try, because you deserve, to be your best YOU.

inspiring I love inspirational reminder quotes! They motivate me and create a positive day! You will find some of my personal quotes along with my favorites from others, please feel to share. I want to add to the positivity in the world - let's get motivated and share the LOVE! Let's get people “RahRahed”!