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At “RahRah” Real Estate, we have never lost sight that the word “serve” is at the root of service. When you choose to work with us, know that we set the bar high. For real estate referrals we match buyers and sellers ONLY to realtors that meet exceptional guidelines. To experience our packaged complimentary concierge services, please fill out the appropriate form below and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

Across the world or across the street, I am your Real Estate agent Matchmaker!

“RahRah” Real Estate will personally match your wants and needs to the Top 3% real estate agents across the world. I am a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) and have access to an exclusive global 30K+ database, which includes my own personally interviewed agents around the world. Whether you are a buyer or seller, simply fill out the form below and let “RahRah” Real Estate do the work for you. My “matchmaking” services are at NO COST TO YOU!



We interview top agents in your area that match YOUR needs, whether you are buying or selling and provide:

  • Referral minimum of two agents for you to interview
  • Clear communications with you throughout
  • What to look for in a listing agent or a buying agent
  • Tips & tricks to stage and showcase your home for the best results
  • Market-driven pricing and negotiation strategies
  • Why you hire an agent
  • All at NO COST to you!

RahRah Fridays June 29, 2017 What's Your Perspective? What is your perspective, what are you doing to change your life, maybe you should take a different route. Enjoy the Video. Stay tuned next week, for Patricia's  Real Estate Travel Blogs, discussing great places to live and visit....ohhh and some great restaurants!     Patricia !!!!!    Remember...You Got This! Now, go out and make someone SMILE! Contact Patricia, when you are thinking about moving. She is an Advocate for buyers and sellers nationwide, and will find you the best realtor for your wants and needs. In Addition, providing you with strategies, tools and support during the transaction and transition... all Complimentary for buyers and sellers! Patricia will also... Continue

RahRah Friday June 23, 2017 Choices We have choices, What do you choose? Enjoy the Video!    Patricia !!!!!    Remember...You Got This! Now, go out and make someone SMILE! Contact Patricia, when you are thinking about moving. She is an Advocate for buyers and sellers nationwide, and will find you the best realtor for your wants and needs. In Addition, providing you with strategies, tools and support during the transaction and transition... all Complimentary for buyers and sellers! Patricia Love’s RahRahRealEstate.Love …is a Complimentary Real Estate Service for buyers and sellers nationwide.  Excellent service, communication, and support has always been a top priority in Patricia’s 25 years of... Continue

Relocating With Kids When Relocating with Kids, we definitely need to choose to be positive! Whether you’ve found your dream home or your facing a move for work, relocating can be a monumental task. You are essentially picking up your entire life, possessions and all, and physically moving them to a new location. And while this move may be a positive one full of new adventures and new places to see, it can be hard for children to see the advantages of moving, even if it’s a good move for the entire family. When preparing for a move, whether across town, across the... Continue

speaking Patricia is an International Edu-Tainment Speaker. She loves to motivate and teach realtors and small business entrepreneurs how to sell by referral. She does this through her stories and a bit of humor. She will motivate you to turn any obstacle or failure into your friend!

Patricia is The Consummate Cheerleader, and will motivate you to get your “RahRah” on daily!

Contact Patricia via email at Patricia@RahRahRealEstate.Love

like our homes,

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I would love to send you my latest free guide, Decluttering! Mind, Body, Soul & Home. This eGuide will help you ask yourself important questions like 'Does this item have deep sentimental meaning?' and 'Do these thoughts bring me joy?' From here you can move into greater ease and less clutter in your life.

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inspiring I love inspirational reminder quotes! They motivate me and create a positive day! You will find some of my personal quotes along with my favorites from others, please feel to share. I want to add to the positivity in the world - let's get motivated and share the LOVE! Let's get people “RahRahed”!

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