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At “RahRah” Real Estate, we have never lost sight that the word “serve” is at the root of service. When you choose to work with us, know that we set the bar high. For real estate referrals we match buyers and sellers ONLY to realtors that meet exceptional guidelines. To experience our packaged complimentary concierge services, please fill out the appropriate form below and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

Across the world or across the street, I am your Real Estate agent Matchmaker!

“RahRah” Real Estate will personally match your wants and needs to the Top 3% real estate agents across the world. I am a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) and have access to an exclusive global 30K+ database, which includes my own personally interviewed agents around the world. Whether you are a buyer or seller, simply fill out the form below and let “RahRah” Real Estate do the work for you. My “matchmaking” services are at NO COST TO YOU!



We interview top agents in your area that match YOUR needs, whether you are buying or selling and provide:

  • Referral minimum of two agents for you to interview
  • Clear communications with you throughout
  • What to look for in a listing agent or a buying agent
  • Tips & tricks to stage and showcase your home for the best results
  • Market-driven pricing and negotiation strategies
  • Why you hire an agent
  • All at NO COST to you!

RahRah Friday July 7,2017, So you want to be an Entrepreneur  RahRah Fridays is all about Home, Inspiration, and Life. Being a Real Estate for 25 years, puts me in the Entrepreneur category, and by breaking out and expanding my real estate business nationwide, I have started something new once again, because I have a dream...and that is to be an advocate for buyers and sellers nationwide, all complimentary to the buyer and seller...Do you have a dream? A dream to own your own business, to be your own boss? Well, I have been an entrepreneur almost my whole life, and I Love it. So let me give you some thoughts... Continue

RahRah Real Estate "On The Move" Friday Harbor Travels and the 4th of July Well July 4th is over and what a whirl wind it was. If you want to get a small town feel, and have the time of your life, where everyone knows your name, then head to Friday Harbor, Washington. You can take the ferry from Anacortes,(be sure and get reservation during the summer time) it is about an hour trip, or you can fly over with San Juan Airlines for about $89 dollars, in 15 minutes like I did! You will enjoy this small town with its charming stores and delicious foods. If you go on the 4th of July... Continue

RahRah Real Estate "On The Move" The Olympic Peninsula in the Pacific Northwest If you are traveling to the Pacific Northwest, take the time to head up to the Olympic Pennisula, It is breath taking, and it really gives you the full flavor of the Northwest, not just Seattle. The pictures I have here are pictures of Cape Flattery, which is the highest point in Washington state, and possibly the continental United States, It is above Neah Bay, but I would suggest staying in Port Angeles or Sequim, then taking a short day trip up to Cape Flattery. The trail is an easy hike, but you will feel like you have reached the... Continue

speaking Patricia is an International Edu-Tainment Speaker. She loves to motivate and teach realtors and small business entrepreneurs how to sell by referral. She does this through her stories and a bit of humor. She will motivate you to turn any obstacle or failure into your friend!

Patricia is The Consummate Cheerleader, and will motivate you to get your “RahRah” on daily!

Contact Patricia via email at Patricia@RahRahRealEstate.Love

like our homes,

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inspiring I love inspirational reminder quotes! They motivate me and create a positive day! You will find some of my personal quotes along with my favorites from others, please feel to share. I want to add to the positivity in the world - let's get motivated and share the LOVE! Let's get people “RahRahed”!

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